Tamalcab Island

Tamalcab Island

Tamalcab is a small uninhabited island of white sands and calm waters, located within the Bay of Chetumal in front of our Jaguar Village. It can be reached by kayak as it is only 1 mile away.

Its exuberant tropical vegetation composed of low floodplain forest and patches of medium forest in an excellent state of conservation makes it an ideal place to rest.

Within its fauna the spider monkeys, tepezcuintles, badgers, herons, and ospreys stand out. The shallow depth of its waters and its abundant marine life offers the opportunity to practice snorkeling.

Tamalcab Island that amazes travelers with its white sands and shallow crystal clear waters, in which it is worth taking a kayak from Jaguar Village or taking the expedition to sleep on the Island or expeditions to explore Cayo Violín, Cayo Palometa and Cayo Tigre, small islets surrounded by mangroves that contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem; as well as Cayo Bota and Cayo Venado where its exuberant vegetation is ideal to enjoy an unforgettable rest in a place that transmits tranquility.

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