Guerrero Lagoon

Guerrero Lagoon

Our Coati Station is located in the Guerrero lagoon and the “Center for the Attention and Rehabilitation of Aquatic Mammals of the State Protected Natural Area, the Manatee Sanctuary-Chetumal Bay” is also located, which is a protected natural area of ​​281,000 hectares that it encompasses the Hondo River, the Bay of Chetumal and the Guerrero Lagoon.

The Guerrero lagoon is a beautiful body of brackish water that extends in its main part for almost 10 kilometers. It is a shallow body of water surrounded by mangrove vegetation and a habitat for a great diversity of birds and a sanctuary for manatees.

It is the door of entrance from the sea to the lagunar system as we do in all of our expeditions from Jaguar Village.

The aim of the center is to protect mainly manatees but also other threatened species such as the marsh crocodile, the river turtle and the jaguar. It connects to the Bay of Chetumal and the Laguna Chile Verde both options within our expeditions.

Guerrero Lagoon is surrounded by an exotic display of tropical plants, orchids and palm trees, one can swim in its turquoise waters and relax in different restaurants with grass huts (palapas) while enjoying a delicious plate of ceviche or whichever house special they may have.

One of the largest promoters of tourist activity in Guerrero Lagoon can be found in the Center for Attention and Rehabilitation for Aquatic Mammals; his name is Daniel and he is a great example of an adult Manatee in semi captivity. Daniel was found as a newborn ( he still had the umbilical chord attached) on the 14 of September in 2003, on the shores of Guerrero Lagoon. From that moment on specialists have taken over his care, and thus he is used to the presence of people. You can find many manatees in Belize, Rio Hondo River and Chetumals Bay, where they search for food.

The Manatee Sanctuary has a dock, an elevated gazebo and areas designed specially for Daniels care and the care of others that may arrive. Although the sanctuary is almost exclusively designed for the study and conservation od aquatic mammals, they open their doors to the public in the attempt to educate and create an environmental consciousness.

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