Seven Days

Seven days and Six nights on wonderful locations and nature experiences.

Get immersed in the ancient Mayan culture. It is not only the landscapes, you will get in touch with local costumes.

Optional Activities

Always available a daily choice: water or land.

You do whatever is your mood, no restrictions

The expeditions were designed for environmentally conscious people which is ager to have an experience making changes to their lifestyle to address climate change.

Toucan Expedition

Jungle & Beach

Green Route

Seven Days/Six Nights on the Jungle on water and an hour terrestrial transportation to beaches and returning through the sea to the starting point in a circle of 150 km.

Coati Expedition

Nature & Culture

Yellow Route

Seven Days/Six Nights in a full circle of water coming out from the sea and returning again to the sea through the jungle on rivers and lagoons in a journey of 170 kms.

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