Bacalar Chico

Bacalar Chico

The Boca Bacalar Chico is a narrow maritime channel that separates the southern tip of the Caribbean coast from the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico, and Cape Ambergris in Belize. According to the Treaty on the Boundaries between Mexico and British Honduras signed between Mexico and Great Britain on July 8, 1893, it is the point where the Border between Belize and Mexico begins, 1 the mouth communicating the Caribbean Sea and the Bay of Chetumal.

Bacalar Chico National Park is a marine reserve made up of 15,000 acres and 12,000 acres of land reserve, and has been named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The park is located in the north of Ambergris Caye overlooking Chetumal Bay and Mexico. Bacalar Chico covers 130 km2 of pristine Belizean Barrier Reef and Puntas Rocky y Robles.

It is the only place on the continent where the Belize Barrier Reef touches the shoreline. The reef’s beachfront, which includes extensive mangrove lagoons, serves as Belize’s primary nesting area for loggerhead and sea turtles, nurseries for sea and shorebirds, and an indispensable nursery for many reef fish. The Bacalar Chico canal functions as the northern boundary of the park and separates Belize from Mexico.

In our Gold & Adventuere Expeditions depending on weather, we pass through the Boca de Bacalar Chico or the Zaragoza Channel to get from Xcalak to the Bay of Chetumal.

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